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Disclaimer: NSC is required to notify all drivers registering for the Driver Improvement Program to check the letter you received from the New Jersey Motor Vehicles Commission for the date by which you need to pay the $75.00 Administrative Fee to the state. If you do not pay the required Administrative Fee to NJ MVC by the date indicated, your license will be subject to suspension even if you complete the Driver Improvement Program within the required time frame. The $75.00 Administrative Fee is paid directly to the state and is in addition to the $75.00 NSC course fee.

Driver Improvement Program- DIP
The Driver Improvement Program is a four hour classroom program managed by MVC. This program is offered in lieu of a 30-day suspension for drivers who accumulate 12 to 14 points in more than two years. Information regarding the program is included in the Schedule Suspension Notice that you should have received in the mail from the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission. Up to three points will be removed from your driving record if you successfully complete the program.

The fee for the course is $75. Drivers must also pay an additional $75 fee directly to MVC.

DIP (ADD4) is a fast-paced, four-hour driver improvement program that offers practical strategies to reduce collision-related injuries, fatalities, and costs. It addresses the importance of attitude in preventing accidents and reinforces the good driving skills students already have. Most importantly, DIP (ADD4) shows students the consequences of the choices they make behind the wheel and puts defensive driving in a personal context. For more information, contact the National Safety Council at (877) 441-9721 or at

Go to the Course Schedule page to find a class near you and to register online. NOTE: You MUST have the Scheduled Suspension Notice you received from the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission in order to register for the program. You MUST also complete the class prior to the date required on your Scheduled Suspension Notice. This information is found in the last paragraph of your letter.

  • For more information about taking the course, read Frequently Asked Questions, or contact the National Safety Council at (877) 441- 9721 or via e-mail at Office hours are Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am - 6:30 pm EST. Saturday 8:00 am 2:00 pm EST.
  • For information about your driving record, visit the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. MVC phone numbers: (609) 292-7500 option #5

Aug. 06, 2014

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