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According to NHTSA, "Ninety-four percent of crashes can be tied back to human choice or error"

Motor vehicle collisions are the #1 cause of work-related deaths

Average cost of a motor vehicle incident resulting in a fatality is $1.5 million

Are you protecting your employees?

Over 1,500 companies, government agencies and other organizations train their employees and fleet drivers through


  • 4 hours, also available in Spanish

  • The most comprehensive and widely used corporate driver safety course available, addressing the most critical driving challenges

  • Employees learn defensive driving strategies and techniques to reduce the chance of motor vehicle collisions


  • 2 hours, also available in Spanish, contains the primary learning points from the 4 hour course
Defensive Driving Course


  • 90 minutes

  • A self-assessment customizes the course with appropriate scenarios, activities and content based on the individual profiles and risk level

  • Employees learn the science of distracted driving, cognitive distractions, and the myths about multitasking

  • Drivers find out about personal costs, legal ramification, societal and corporate impact after an incident


  • 45 minutes, contains the primary learning points from the 90 minute course

Defensive Driving Course

SAFE DRIVING MODULES (15-20 minutes each)
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  • Avoiding Fixed Objects

  • Backing and Parking Strategies

  • Lane Management

  • Intersections

  • Avoiding Impaired Driving

  • Speed Management

  • Weather and Road Conditions

  • Avoiding Aggressive Driving

  • Avoiding Fatigue Driving

DDC Online Modules

Our courses feature:

  • Adaptive Curriculum

  • Speed Sensing Technology

  • High-quality video, 3D animation and illustrations

  • Intuitive navigation and convenient bookmarking

  • Full-course narration and closed-captioning

  • Printable certificate after successfully completing course

  • FREE Customized Co-branded "Learning University" website
    (with initial orders over 100 licenses)

    • Run Reports

    • Track and Monitor Driver's progress through the course

  • Full Customer & Technical Support
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