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Protect your employees with the National Safety Council's Online Defensive Driving Courses

As with all safety initiatives, training is one of the keys to success.Providing the latest state-of-the-art, most economical, and effective driver training tool is now easier than ever.

Motor vehicle collisions are responsible for more work-related fatalities and also represent the highest worker's compensation claims of all measured causes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics tell the facts:

  • 95% of all crashes involve human error.
  • 1 out of 9 employees will be involved in a collision each year.
  • For every 1,000 people employed, 14 will be injured in a collision each year.
  • For every 102 injuries, there will be one employee death.
  • The annual employer cost of motor vehicle collisions is approximately $350 per employee.

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No matter the size or type of fleet you have, has the online training program to save you time, lives, and money. Over 1,500 companies, government agencies and other organizations depend on to train their employees effectively and efficiently in safe driving skills.

Online Programs include:

  • Defensive Driving Course, 9th Edition
  • Defensive Driving Course, 9th Edition, Abridged
  • Alive at 25 Parent Program
  • Motorcycle Safety Course
  • Professional Truck Driver Course
  • Distracted Driving Course
  • Avoiding Fixed Objects

Future Online Module (10-20 minutes each) include:

  1. Speed Management
  2. Backing and Parking Strategies
  3. Lane Management
  4. Intersections
  5. Impaired Driving
  6. Avoiding Fatigue Driving
  7. Weather and Road Conditions
  8. Vehicle Safety Systems
  9. Aggressive Driving
  10. Vehicle Maintenance

The NSC award-winning Defensive Driving Courses and modules provide a comprehensive and engaging learning experience featuring:

  • Adaptive curriculum that personalizes the content for each user based on specific data collected during the course such as driver's age, vehicle type, typical driving conditions, level of aggressiveness, presence of children and specific needs such as transportation of people and cargo.
  • Sophisticated animations, full motion video, narration, closed captioning, an intuitive user interface and a speed sensing technology that optimizes the file structure to maximize delivery— i.e. video for broadband or a series of illustrations for slower connections.
  • Three-dimensional animations that provide the user with an engaging, hands-on experience resulting in a more realistic and understandable presentation of important safety content.
  • Customized co-branded micro-site featuring your company logo and a customized registration process to collect only information that you require (minimum initial order 100 or more licenses).

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